Mutton Liver Fry | Green Pepper Masala | Kaleji Fry

The taste of the greens and pepper in the ground masala which is then cooked with boiled mutton liver gives that's nostalgic feeling of the dishes cooked by our elders. 

Mutton Soup

Yummy, delicious and healthy mutton soup

Spicy Veg noodles with green chillies & curry leaves

Spicy and hot soupy noodles with the flavours of green chilli and curry leaves, garnished with onion rings, coriander leaves and pepper powder with some butter is definitely a dish which all to hav...

Kalimirch Ka Chaar I Pepper Rasam

Spicy & Tangy thin gravy that has the taste of pepper. Tastes very good with hot rice, ghee and is good to have during cold season or if u r suffering from cold .

Multigrain Dosa

Healthy and easy to cook multigrain dosa is a stomach filling preparation